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“Heal the Rift” is a non-profit, non-political organization founded by four college students, two from the West and two from the Muslim World, in a dorm room, in Middlebury, Vermont. These four friends refused to accept the “status quo” of increasing polarization between the West and the Islamic world. Through their event, HTR 2008, they will accomplish the simple, long-awaited task of finally bringing their two civilizations together in a public forum of truth, respect, and reconciliation.


In the past, the moderate majorities on both sides have spoken, but they have not been heard — their voices drowned-out by the fear-mongering messages of fringe elements. By bringing together intellectuals, artists, and athletes from both worlds for one summer day in New York City, HTR 2008 will counter-balance the images of hatred and fear we know all too well.


Heal the Rift is a movement that will grow in strength and scope through future events, to be held annually in New York City and across the world.

Heal the Rift:
Standing Together Without Fear

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